Friday, September 17, 2010

What is 1 gb?

What is 1 gb?

A method of data (or background capacity).

1GB is about 1,000MB (its certainly 1,024MB).

1MB is about 1,000KB

1KB is in the order of 1,000 bytes

1 byte is the space needed to store on letter or number (unless you are using an encoding that represents huge numbers of characters, in which luggage it might be more)
A gigabyte (derived from the SI prefix giga-) is a unit of information or computer storage equal to one billion (short level, meaning a thousand million) bytes. It is commonly abbreviated GB (not to be confused beside Gb, which is used for gigabits).

Because of a traditional inconsistency, gigabytes are often intended to miserable gibibytes in adjectives speech. This usage is not recommended as it creates confusion (see below).
it is more or smaller quantity the space of memory needed for a film

(one CD-ROM is something like 1GB (0.750 GB) , one DVD is 4 GB or more
Every _b is some thousand of it's prior, 1GB is 1,000 MB, 1MB is 1,000KB, 1KB is 1,000 bytes.
1000 megabytes ya dummy
1 gigabyte (GB) is 1024 megabytes (MB)

1 megabyte (MB) is 1024 kilobytes (KB)

1 kilobyte (KB) is 1024 byte (B)

1 byte (B) is 8 bits (b)

1 bit (b) is either a 1 or a 0

computers use a base-2 or -8 system, depending on how you look at it

that is to say why 1GB ISNT 1000MB, as is commonly thought
it is a lot of memory
1 gb is 1 gigabyte or 1000 mb (megabyte)

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