Sunday, September 12, 2010

What cause my computer to restart when I insert a disc or DVD?

Almost every time I insert a disc or DVD into the DVD combo drive, it restarts my computer. Do you have any design what would be the cause of this? I own a custom built computer, AMD Sempron, 80 GB hard drive and 768 RAM. The computer is smaller amount than a year old. Any design as to the reason and a method to stop this from happening would be greatly appreciated. Thanks surrounded by advance for the answers.

What cause my computer to restart when I insert a disc or DVD?

Well it's some corrupted driver and it's crashing the PC. What OS are you runnning? Try uninstalling adjectives CD/DVD drives using the Device Manager. Turn off the PC and disconnect adjectives but one drive. Reboot and let window find it again and install driver. Try running a CD.

To turn past its sell-by date automatic reboot (assuming XP), right click on "My Computer"/properties/Advanced tab/Start-up and Recovery settings. Uncheck auto reboot. Now you can see the BSOD stop code, when it happens again.
The drive may not be compatible next to your machine, check the manufacturer website for details.
Like Mick said, the DVD combo drive may not be compatible with the operating system you are using. Are you using Windows XP?
If your computer is given up the ghost properly while you are working on it, it could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software.

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