Sunday, September 12, 2010

What computer processor is better, Intel Pentium or Intel Celeron??

What computer processor is better, Intel Pentium or Intel Celeron??

Intel Pentium Duo is close to the "Smart Kid" in the class, while the Intel Celeron is resembling the "Special Needs Kid" who got not here back twice...
Intel Pentium, indeed.
celeron - is trimmed down pentium - so pentium is the better choice

(You may want to look at AMD as these are better still at arounnd a similar price)
its other been pentium,

celeron handle basic computing and pentium handle more intense applications
I am about 95% Sure that it would be Pentium over Celeron. But if you are buying a strange computer I would go next to the Intel Core Duo that was freshly released.
Pentiums are the best for gaming and loads more!
The Intel Core processors are the best, such as the Core Duo or Core 2 Duo.

In the beginning Celerons be tuned down Pentium processors. Generally Celeron processors perform remarkly worse when it comes to games and other applications that want a lot of cpu power.
AMD Athlon 64 bit
AMD Turion 64 bit
Intel pentium's are usually used on desktops, and Intel celeron's are usually made for Laptops to store battery life span. But the Core 2 Duo's(two processors) are the best and the Quad processor's(four processors)(the best!!!)
This is simple,if the word CELERON is contained anywhere in the information almost your computer,DO NOT BUY IT! For the small difference between Pentium or AMD processors don't waste your time on a Celeron processor.
Intel Pentium 4

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