Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Dell desktop notebook should I buy <$300?

I am a cheapskate wanting to buy another desktop. Consumer Reports rates Dell nearly best for reliability vs price. So I am wondering what year old or so desktop I should buy on ebay?

I bought a Demension 3000 a year ago and it is fine and I could buy another but want max reliability and a DVD would be nice but not required. Any suggestions? (Telling me I am stupid to be so cheap is a idle away of our time; I already know I am an idiot to be so poor. thanks.)

What Dell desktop notebook should I buy <$300?

I don't reflect on that you will find one for under $300. Myself individually, I'd start looking for an abacus.
its best to buy directly dell laptop because for in my experience as a tech support for laptops Dell is the easiest laptop to configure and troubleshoot and its not that expensive... thou Dell desktop is also great but i would greatly push for you to buy the Dell laptop
You might check out the Dell outlet. There are some Dell Optiplex desktops available for under $300 and some Dell Dimension desktops for beneath $400.

The advantage would be that you get hold of a real warranty and the machines are relatively alien.

As far as the models, Optiplex was a business orient line. It be designed for reliability but not so much for consumer features. I would guess you would see the difference primarily in the graphics and audio nouns.
Did you think nearly taking that $300.00 and upgrading the system you have, instead of buying a spanking new system?

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