Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What does a computer's memory look resembling?

I only replaced my computer's tower, with one that a friend of my

husband's give to me. only problem is, it ask for a password,and

i don't know what it is. Is here anything I can do like download


What does a computer's memory look resembling?

First of adjectives this has nil to do with Memory within computer terms.

Second try to hit enter,.. near nothing typed at adjectives for password.

Next try password type out the word and hit enter,...

... then hail as them if those don't work.

Some comps require a Password because of somethings on them so people set the password to nil at all,.. you lately hit enter or whatever to submit.
Most memory sticks look similar to this one:
The simplest solution would be to ask the husband's friend to enter the password afterwards clear it. If you can't do that, then only take out the firm drive and put in a up to date one.
The opassword is likely a startup password person enforced by the bios (not the hard drive as another anser states).

A high-speed way to clear the password, and this shoudl work contained by 99% of motherboards is to remove the battery from the motherboard.

Unplug the computer and ground yourself up to that time toucing the motherboard.

look at the board, you should see a battery on it, it will look approaching a large study battery.

Remove the batter (they usually in recent times snap in or are held contained by place with a clip) continue 30 seconds, replace the mobile, put the cover back on, plug it within and start it up,

This should remove the passward.

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