Sunday, September 12, 2010

What company builds the best gaming computers?

What are some websites of the componies?

What company builds the best gaming computers?

Alienware. They rock for gaming.
I would any custom built a system or Dell XPS systems are great as well. You can customize the XPS systems for better graphics and more memory
Try Dell, they enjoy a model called"XPS" best of everything is in it.Specifically made for gaming.
Historically Alienware ... but Dell bought them surrounded by order to hold access to sompe of ther high observation tuning technology ( and a decent laptop :-) ) so look at the XPS ...... Or build one yourself from parts. I built one lately with parts from and get a great gaming box for alot less ... but it does filch time to tune it.
Here you go :

(reviews, websites & pricing),1895,188...


Philip T
check out,especially the one called executioner...

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