Sunday, September 12, 2010

What computer company is the best: HP, Dell, Sony, Gateway, etc?

I hold a Hewlet Packard Pavilion a1730n with a Nvidea 7100 or 7200 video card, is that any right for running games like Flight Simulator X?

What computer company is the best: HP, Dell, Sony, Gateway, etc?

Well just about your first question, I approaching HP the best. Dell isn't bad but it's not the best. Dell is apt if you're looking for a money-friendly solution. Gateway is alright.
Not really, no. The Nvidia 7200 is a budget card and hence not good for running 3D games.
HP is accurate. Your onboard graphics are GeForce 6150LE

You need a different card! 6600GT 7600GT 8800GTX
Sony, my sunny. yer.
We're a Dell people over here.
Acer for me is not good as i'd remarkably bad experiences beside them for their Customer Service... Dell is good for that...
We enjoy two Dell computers, and although we did have some trouble beside one of them.because we had their in-home warrenty, it be fixed in smaller amount than two days. I like the computer companies who furnish good warrenties, and Dell is one of them.
Those are righteous answers but do you really think you can choose the right video card on queue?

My advuce is GO to your local PC dealer and breed sure hie is a techie NOT just a clerk.

He can meeting the price of any advert you bring in and later you can say I resembling to run Flight Sim and other 3 D ganmes and I want a good video card. I can carry a GForce VCGFX%%AAPB at Walmoart for $78

or a Radeon S80APG for $69 so that is the position I want in my PC.

I'm sure he will game any price and alos give you the card you stipulation.

Nice thing is that if anything go wrong you can meet him obverse to face and next to NO shipping charges.
Try the DELL computers. they really rocks and very reliable contained by any computer applications.

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