Sunday, September 12, 2010

What computer overnight case should I bring?

I want to attain a mid tower case withOUT a power supply from My budget is $60 maximum. Case fan included. And it has to own a side panel window.

What computer overnight case should I bring?

I would jump with a Raidmax

That's an awesome grip but it has a power supply, I bought it later month and I love it.

Just wanted to mention that I enjoy this case and it is not loud at adjectives. I mean I am sitting right subsequent to it, I think I can hear.
Check Newegg. You can get thinner your search down by price, side windowpane, fans, and no powersupply. I purchase most of my computer stuff from them and havent be dissapointed yet.
Trying to draw from one with a side fanlight is very restricted choices.

the rest:

I really like this armour myself. Has alot of room.

No side window, but you can other add that to any grip. And note: you want to avoid cases using 80mm fan like the one programmed above by a user, as these are quite noisey. Using 120mm fan are much quieter and push alot more air through the satchel, keeping it cooler. But if you don't mind sounding like a spray plane in the room..
What type of armour? Full tower, mid-tower, micro-tower?

Also check out

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