Sunday, September 12, 2010

What could be the problem?

i hold an hp media center desktop running window xp..when the pc is started up it go through the regular motions,and all seem fine...when it gets to the desktop and everything begin to load nearby and seems fine next get a message wise saying windows is shutting down it does and the computer reboots itself and this process keep repeating itself...earlier today the workstation was virus scan,spyware scanned and everything be fine...there have been no bright programs added or anything least i enjoy my laptop..thanks within advance for any info

What could be the problem?

This is a adjectives problem with hardware conflicts. Did you not long add any hardware or hardware drivers?

Did you just this minute add any clean software? Sometimes new software add itself to the start menu, and if there is a problem, it can wreak the problem you described.

Try starting in not detrimental mode. If it starts up fine in secure mode then you may own a problem described above. While in undamaging mode, uninstall recently installed software or hardware drivers. Then try restarting in general.
Turn it off, unplug it transport the battery out and put it rear in after nearly ten seconds. Restart it. Mine did that once and that's what I did to fix it.

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