Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what do you do when everything on your desktop become twice its size?

i be playing yahoo games (downloaded) and the computer just hang. i tried ctrl, alt, delete numerous times and finally the window closed bad and almost everything went posterior to normal. except that suddenly adjectives the icons and words on my desktop, start menu, even internet (basically everything) become twice its normal size and i don't know what to do. i restarted the comp, everything is still huge. HELP PLS it's so annoying esp when everything occupy more space than neccesary so i can see less contained by one page. thanks a bunch.

what do you do when everything on your desktop become twice its size?

capably..right click on the desktop, and go to properties, next choose the settings tab and change your resolution...i hope thats what you be asking
Try Right Click on Desktop - Select Properties. Then select Settings Tab and adjust your Screen Resolution. :) It is probably set to something really big... probably 800 x 600 or so.

Good luck.
try restarting computer

then you will see some words

click on locked mode

then click something that say go stern to when computer was working properly ( I don't remember the if truth be told words, but it's something like that )
it your v.g.a card so capture ur self a high speed card
diet and exercise-----

a short time ago go and reset the setting for that stuff. rightclick on the desktop and step to properties.

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