Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What do you know nearly other computer brands?

I close to Dell and HP. I need a investigational computer. I have also see some ads for Acer. I own never heard of this company. Is it any upright? Some of their prices are not too bad.

What do you know nearly other computer brands?

Acer is particular to make computer peripharals, resembling dvd and dvd player, and many other computer products. As a brand they are strictly good. As far as computers are concern it is not the actual brand or given name of manufacturer that matter, but what they put in the computer that make it work. eg. the motherboard, hdd,sound card and adjectives the chipsets that is person used. and the most important aspect anyone the processor chip. this is because no matter who built the computer the components that amke the different. The components also determine the pricing of a computer, no thing who built them.
Get a mac. unless you plan to do spreadsheets and balance your checkbook next to your pee cee.
Get a used cpu. I got a fail-safe dell for $100 and monitor for $30
i would suggest a macintosh. they never get virus, and they last profusely longer. they also have style better features than PC's do.
depends on what your purpose is i recommend dell and hp for data , mac for art and graphics , alienware for music
Acer is the outsourcer for Dell laptops and some of their components. In english this expect Dell gets their stuff from Acer. Buy Acer and you vitally buy Dell with paying for the dub.
Best Buy sometimes has pious buys on Sony Vaios. I've bought two of them in the recent past two years and they've been right machines. I had an Acer years ago and it wasn't doomed to failure, but I wouldn't buy another one.
Yes acer are good. But you hold to watch out because they are as much as a dell. If I have a choice I would go near Dell.

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