Sunday, September 12, 2010

what can I uninstall?

hi I basically got brand new computer from dell with vista dell have alot of stuff programmed and I don`t know what I can porograms I can delete

what can I uninstall?

Delete what you don't wont.

However if in doubt go away it all. Better to enjoy a working pc. You lots wish to delete some of the frequent desktop icons that Dell chuck surrounded by though.
go to control panel and use add/remove .to uninstall software.

To uninstall harware walk to control panel the open system. budge to device manager. Uninstal that u want.
in general the programs found in the add/remove programs section are manually installed softwares they'r not required for working of the windows except some hardware related softwares... so it's entirely on u to delete softwares which u don't resembling!!!!!!
Why do you want to delete programs?

Just be carefull about uninstalling antyviruses or bureau aplications, in my view is not necesary to delte anything unless you have a through problem, start working with you comp and you will see what you call for or not.

If you hav the Cds thta came beside the compu u can unistall the programs u have on the cds so within case you necessitate them back u can reintall them

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