Sunday, September 12, 2010

What could own evolve to my PC?

On 28 Dec, i realize that my PC could not be switch on, although the motherboard LED light is on, i juz can't switch on using the on/off switch on CPU. Even tried shifting power cables and power point but nought happens. but afterwards today 30 Dec, i tried my luck and it powered up again! *Relieved* but then wat could be the rationale? Previously got associates told me that it could be my motherboard or PSU or monitor... pls enlighten me.. gratitude

What could own evolve to my PC?

did you hear a load pop closing time you were up and running? if so next it was your PS blowing a capacitor. but more commonly than not it's probably the PS.
it sounds like the power switch is going doomed to failure. you might be able to catch one from the manufacturer
Could be anything.

Try this

If that doesn't reorganize things wait till Vista comes out and buy a hot machine which have Vista Premium installed.

Or get a Mac immediately.

It sounds to me it went to time off. You should ask.

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